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Perfect Discord Music Bot

Spotify aka music discord bot like spotify and youtube, has a slash command and prefix. very good features ranging from filters, music channel setup, karaoke, and others

What Bot Offers?

It was made under Discord TOS & this bot follows all the policies of Discord

  • Slash Command

    Recently we have moved to slash command. / is used in very command of this bot

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  • Discord Buttons

    To make bot more reliable we have add buttons in this bot which makes you work easier

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  • Trusted Security

    All the data of the user are kept in safe place. In case to remove the data you can contact as any time

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Our Bot is in all over the Worldwide Coverage

Our developers worked very hard on this bot & we archive many things. Thanks to all the servers and users for using this bot

This bot was choosed by many servers they like the features of this bot. We have got many positive reviews on our bot

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Features of Bot

Spotify has many features but here are some main features of this bot.

  • feature filters, starting from bassboost, 8d, party, and pop. has 200+ active radios

  • feature setup, the music channel setup that you can use, has a spotify background and there you can access the stop, volume, and other buttons. run the command play song name/youtube url

  • karaoke feature, there you can karaoke all the time. You can access karaoke with slash and prefix and it's free for you

  • playlist feature like spotify, inside there are several commands starting from create, delete, info, list, load, and others.